Take care of your leaks

The dripping air conditioning unit in the boardroom is a problem.

Not only because it drips throughout the meeting, making some irritated and others need a bathroom break; but because the bucket that was chosen to catch the water is filled with discarded pipes and other broken bits of machinery. It’s a mess.

What kind of message does this send about the company?

We’re a messy workplace?
We leave things half-finished?
We don’t do things properly?
We can’t afford to get this fixed?
We’re unstable.  We’ve had problems like this before.

Had the company chosen a clean, empty bucket to catch the drips, the message would have been entirely different:

We’ve recognised an issue and have provided a the best solution we can.
Even though we’re busy we still care about things like this.
We take pride in our appearance.
We think things through.
Help is on the way.

And had the company prioritised fixing the drip, the message would have been different again:

This is such a great boardroom. It’s distraction-free.
The company is always really well presented. It’s great working here.
I’d recommend this boardroom (this company!) to anyone.

Every action or reaction sends a message about your business.

Where it matters, don’t water that message down.