A great advertising script can do wonders for your marketing. But only if you’ve taken the time to also script what your customer does when they see or hear your message.

Take the example below:

Local pharmacy has an extremely well-written, memorable radio ad on a youth-oriented radio station.  –>  Youth seek to find out more about the pharmacy online. –> Pharmacy doesn’t have a website. –> Youth lose interest.

By scripting out what the people you’re looking to convert into customers actually do in the situation you’re putting them in, you can gain insights and tailor your marketing strategy to suit.

In this case, the pharmacy would have two options:

  1. Stop running the radio ads for a month and use the money to build a website.
  2. Move the ads to a station with an older audience who are less likely to care that you don’t have a website.

A great advertising script will only produce results if the journey from discovery to purchase has also been well scripted.